Kelsey Neubauer


“Journalism makes me feel like I have found the missing puzzle piece of myself I have been searching for my whole life. I felt alone and out of place until I found it.”

-Kelsey Neubauer

Kelsey Neubauer is a senior at the University of Vermont, majoring in English.  Kelsey worked with the Enterprise section from October 2015 until August 2016.  She was the first to began researching for this project in October 2015, and was one of the lead reporters for the first part of the series.  Her thesis is also on the topic of diversity.  Kelsey joined The Vermont Cynic in January 2015, and has been in the News section ever since.  She was the Assistant News Editor from November 2015 until October 2016.  In October 2016, she was made the Editor-In-Chief of The Vermont Cynic.